Monday, October 31, 2016

Re-Ment - Pose Skeleton Cat [ネコ]

Hello! Time for another Re-Ment Pose Skeleton review! And this time we have~ the cat!
I did a review on the Pose Skeleton Dog last year, so go check that out if you're interested. (:

I bought this for $6.50 + shipping on eBay.

The word in the bracket is "neko" meaning "cat", but any anime lover probably already knows that. lol.

The cat has eight points of articulation! That's impressive for such a small figure!

Here's everything that comes in the box.

There's a pamphlet advertising other newer editions to the Pose Skeleton collection. I've seen some of them on eBay before, but the human child is a new one that I haven't come across yet.

I'm considering buying my own Pose Skeleton human. I really want the swords as well.

In package...

Out of the package!
Besides the cat, you also get a litter box, a toy, and a collar.

I'm going to call my cat "Jinx"! She looks like a Jinx. (:

Litter box.

LOL. nice

Cat toy.


Unlike the collar that came with Nikora, my Pose Skeleton Dog, Jinx's collar closes easily.

I'm now going to show off the different ways that she can pose!

Jinx can move her head up and down.



As well as side to side.


She can actually turn her head 360 degrees if you ever have a need for that.

Mouth open.
She can open and close her mouth.

Mouth close.

Jinx can lay down flat.

Jinx happens to be really good at yoga.

Tail up.

Tail down.

This is the part where I do random close-ups.

Here's Jinx with Nikora, the Pose Skeleton Dog.

You can see that the cat is a little smaller than the dog.

The dog skeleton is a bit more creepy to me than the cat, but that's what I love and I love them both. :D

Jinx and Nikora playing~

Here's a size comparison to DC Superhero Girls' Batgirl (I haven't done a review on her yet but I will).

Jinx is so tiny in Batgirl's arms.

And here's Ever After High's Cerise Hood holding Jinx.

A wonderful new edition to my Re-Ment collection!

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  1. aww the cat rement (jinx) is cute! and nice! you got batgirl! :)